Who is he?

Andrew Rothschild is fore-running a new genre called Bluestronica
alongside the rapid growing genres of Folktronica, Downtempo, & Dream Pop


Andrew Rothschild is fore-running a new genre called Bluestronica, alongside the rapid-growing genres of Folktronica, Downtempo & Dream Pop. His primary expertise of guitar furthers Folk & Blues within Electronica for a journey-like experience.

Andrew personally constructs living atmospheres up-heaving from his roots of Blues, Folk and Classic Rock, & fuses all within the modern choice of Electronica. With the release of his second album, S.F.A², Rothschild continues the resuscitated quality of authentic music weaved within the eternal world of Electronica.

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What is he doing?

His second album, S.F.A², was released in September of 2016. He has been working on his following, gaining exposure, and building a proper foundation before tours are planned.

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